4 Ecommerce Trends Every Business Should Pay Attention To

The online retail sector is booming. According to recent market forecast, United States ecommerce sales could surpass $550 billion by the end of the year. If you’re contemplating starting your own ecommerce business, or are looking to advance yours, pay attention to these four trends shaping the industry:

Mobile Is King

We had previously reported on how Smartphone search is dominating the shopping sphere. With that in mind, it’s wise to invest in mobile applications to streamline your customer’s shopping experience. Popular ecommerce brands, like Amazon and Zappos, have mobile applications that can be downloaded for free on any mobile platform, streamlining the shopping experience and making it more adaptable to mobile.

Contextual Shopping Spree

Wouldn’t it be great if retailers were able to suggest products to you, based on previous shopping experiences, without having to sign in? Contextual shopping is well on its way to becoming a reality. This new strategy is very early in the development stages, but the thought is that customers may be drawn to receiving deals and suggested products, without having to make an account and sign in every time they shop.

More Customer Experience (CX) Than User Experience

While intuitive, fast design is incredibly important to the fiscal thrive and longevity of a business, it’s equally as important (if not more) to focus on the broader picture of customer service and support (CX). CX touches on a user’s experience with all channels of the brand, including customer service, brand reputation, sales process, pricing and product delivery. It’s of key importance to find a balance between design and the customer’s needs.

Real-Time Analytics

To succeed in the ecommerce market, having real-time analytics installed on your site is going to be paramount. Minor details that could affect user loss, such as unresponsive buttons, unusually long load times and form submission errors, can now be solved quickly and efficiently. Planning ahead will be the key to success.

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