Mobile Devices Are Changing the Way Consumers Find Answers

Think of a time before smartphones. How did you search for information? Maybe you called your local hardware store to see if they had an item in stock. Or maybe you checked the newspaper for the next showing of that new movie you wanted to see.

Now? There’s a very good chance you use your smartphone. The advent of smartphones has allowed people to acquire a wealth of knowledge on any subject in the palm of their hand, making it a popular choice for consumer research.

To learn more on how people find answers in a world of seemingly endless research options, Google and research firm, Purchased, conducted a survey with 1,000 smartphone users. Throughout the course of the survey, the companies gathered over 14,000 responses, lending invaluable insight on how consumers research potential purchases.

Here are some key takeaways:

  1. 96% of participants use their smartphone to find answers to their questions. Study participants were twice as likely to use mobile search over alternate methods, like store visits or social media.
  2. Consumers use their mobile devices to help them make decisions when they’re ready to buy. 70% of smartphone owners used their device to find relevant information about a certain product or service before making the purchase, and 92% of those who inquired about a product or service via a mobile search made a related purchase.
  3. 68% of people used mobile search to find information on things they want to address in the future, the highest of any other online or offline source.

What does this mean for business owners? Invest in two things: 1) a mobile-friendly site, and 2) search engine optimization. Even with the growing number of choices consumers can use to make decisions, smartphone search is king. This reason alone is why it’s so important to be mobile-friendly and have search-optimized copy.

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