What You Need to Know About Google Automated Ad Extensions

When it comes to Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Google reigns supreme. Aside from offering the largest advertising and content delivery network, they also offer Automated Ad Extensions, a feature that uses your search terms to generate informational snippets below your paid ad text.

Through Automated Ad Extensions, Google can pull the following information:

  • Consumer Ratings – Google pulls industry-specific ratings to plug.
    • Why This Matters: Keeping clients happy is always a key point in business. Displaying positive reviews lets potential customers know you will value their time and money spent.
  • Previous Visits – Searchers logged into Google can see previous visits and the date of last visit.
    • Why This Matters: This feature can help existing clients navigate back to your website in case they forget your web URL.
  • Dynamic Structured Snippets – Google decides what is relevant on a site, per search, and displays it.
    • Why This Matters: The addition of a structured data snippet will provide additional relevant information to the search results. This will produce a much larger ad, potentially increasing click through rates.
  • Seller Ratings – Google correlates business reviews from reputable sources and displays them as 1 through 5 stars.
    • Why This Matters: Transparency is a huge factor in gaining new clients. The seller ratings are aggregated from reputable sources, giving potential clients an unbiased review of your business.
  • Dynamic Sitelinks – Google adds sitelinks that link to other relevant pages on site.
    • Why This Matters: This feature can be controlled manually, giving you more oversight as to what links are showing on your ad. Additionally, sitelinks are an excellent opportunity to showcase other pages on your site that may help to convert an undecided buyer.
  • Dynamic Callouts – Google adds details about a business’s products and/or services.
    • Why This Matters: This feature allows the business owner to highlight specials, limited time offerings, free shipping or any other promotions that would be of interest to consumers. Like dynamic sitelinks, dynamic callouts can also be controlled manually.

With Google's focus on merging paid advertising with organic search, it is important to manage your brand's online presence. Although much of what Google offers is automated, it is highly recommended you have a skilled professional overseeing all aspects of your PPC campaign. Contact us today to speak with one of our PPC managers and get a custom marketing plan for your business.