Why A Custom Website Is a Smart Business Investment

One of the largest decisions you can make as a small business owner is regarding whether or not you want to have a custom website built or use a pre-made template. It may be tempting to start out with a free template, but it may not be as beneficial in the long run. While it will initially cost you more money, there are many advantages to having a web developer build you a custom website:

  1. Better Search Engine Rankings - Custom templates are more SEO-friendly than free templates, allowing you to have more control over your metadata. The more control you have over your metadata, the better chance you have of ranking higher on search engines.
  2. Continual Tech Support - A free web template does not provide you with the same continual support that a custom website provides. There will inevitably be times where some component of your site starts to malfunction, and having a trained professional you can call on to remedy these issues will save you a lot of time and headaches.
  3. More Sophisticated and Unique Designs - Free sites often have very basic designs that cannot be customized. When you hire a web development company to build your site, you can have the site look exactly as you’d like, while being able to change and modify your site quickly and easily.
  4. Shows That You Are Serious About Your Business - With a unique, custom website, you can set your business apart from the other standard, unoriginal templated sites and maintain a well-respected online presence. Customers will be drawn to a site design that doesn’t look like all the other websites they’ve seen, increasing your chances of converting site visitors into paying customers.

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