VURIA™ Creative Technology has partnered with Black, Starr & Frost™, America's oldest jeweler, to design a stunning website commensurate with the company's iconic brand and unconventional style. The name Black, Starr & Frost™ has been synonymous with sophisticated design and rare gemstones since 1810, and the company was one of the few American retailers invited to display its collection at the 1851 London Crystal Palace Exposition. Over the past 200 years, the venerable jeweler has built an international reputation for excellence with its innovative custom designs, high-quality gemstones, and unparalleled service.

Under the discerning judgment of owner Alfredo J. Molina, founder of Molina Fine Jewelers in Phoenix, Arizona, Black, Starr & Frost™ continues to produce stunning and unique custom jewelry and procure only the finest gemstones available. Mr. Molina has an extensive background in fine jewelry, having graduated from the Gemological Institute of America and served as President of the American Society of Appraisers. He came to VURIA™ Creative Technology with one goal in mind: To develop a website that reflects the company's 200 years of passion in designing stunning, high-quality custom jewelry with a unique flair that continues to set Black, Starr & Frost™ apart from its competitors.

VURIA™ Creative Technology's challenge will be to redesign Black, Starr & Frost's website to convey the sophistication and elegance of the jeweler's flagship store at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California. "With a well-established brand like Black, Starr & Frost™, there should be no distinction between the company's storefront and website," said Martin Diamond, President of Scottsdale-based VURIA™ Creative Technology. "We intend to capture the essence of walking into Black, Starr & Frost's world-class boutique and present that experience in a visually-stunning online forum." he added. VURIA's Creative Division will design the website to convey the ultra-chic, affluent lifestyle that Black, Starr & Frost's exclusive clientele have come to expect.

About VURIA™ Creative Technology

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About Black, Starr & Frost™

The name Black, Starr & Frost™ has been synonymous with quality and elegance for over 200 years. Founded in 1810, the company is a true American icon, mentioned alongside Tiffany & Co. and Harry Winston in Marilyn Monroe's classic version of “Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend.” Today, Black, Starr & Frost™ caters to some of the most elite clientele in Southern California and throughout the world. The company is owned by international jeweler Alfredo J. Molina, chairman and CEO of The Molina Group and founder of Molina Fine Jewelers in Phoenix, Arizona. Mr. Molina is an expert gemologist with a passion for acquiring only the most unique gemstones to use in Black, Starr & Frost's exquisite line of custom jewelry.