State-Of-The-Art Support And Conversion Tools Will Convert Website Visitors Into Customers

VURIA™ Creative Technology is excited to announce its latest Live Chat customer support solutions. VURIA™ Live Chat is a real-time customer support system that allows you to personally connect with customers as they are browsing your website from either your desktop or your mobile device. VURIA™ Live Chat empowers businesses to provide superior customer support and minimize website/shopping cart abandonment by offering immediate answers to customers' questions online. VURIA™ Live Chat features include:

  • Global Chat History – See every conversation that ever occurs from every agent!
  • Real-Time Visitor Monitoring – See all visitors to your site as they occur!
  • Mobile Phone App – Now you and your staff can conduct chats right from your phone to visitors of your site!
  • Multiple Operators and Divisions – Your website visitors can select which department or type of specialist they wish to speak with (i.e., sales, support, shipping, etc.)
  • Chat Transfer Between Operators – Quickly direct your visitors to the right people as needed.
  • Operator to Operator Chats – Streamline communication between your staff or get help as needed during a customer chat.
  • Group chats – Multiple agents can support a customer together, from desktop or mobile device!
  • Typing Notification – Verify activity on the other side while waiting for a response.
  • No Plugins To Download – Your customers and staff can interact immediately after we setup the platform.
  • Detailed Reporting – All chat data and agent/customer data is stored and formatted for easy and valuable analysis and insight. Check out the screenshots on our website!

With VURIA™ Live Chat, you can truly get a leg up on your competitors by offering a personalized online experience for your customers. Studies show that the leading frustration customers express about most businesses' customer support services is the inability to connect with a live person. VURIA™ Live Chat allows you to provide the real-time personal interaction that your customers are seeking. With VURIA™ Live Chat, you can convert new visitors into customers and keep existing customers happy by providing a level of personalized customer service that isn't offered by your competitors.

VURIA™ Live Chat also features an integrated real-time monitoring system, which enables you to instantaneously view and compile valuable information about visitors to your site. VURIA's visitor data allows you to better assess the effectiveness and improve the efficiency of your customer support services. Live chat operators can customize the chat client to display and record a variety of visitor information, including navigation history, time spent on the site, number of visits, landing pages, referral information, and much more. And see it all – and support it all – right from your mobile phone!

“Everyone at VURIA™ is very excited about our new live chat solutions,” said Martin Diamond, president of the Scottsdale digital media solutions firm. “VURIA™ Live Chat empowers our clients to provide superior and affordable customer service and truly stand out from their competitors by personally interacting with customers online, and the integration with mobile devices is outstanding,” he added. To learn more about how VURIA™ can help you design a custom web solutions package that is right for your business, call 1-855-GO-VURIA (locally 480.315.8040) today.

About VURIA™ Creative Technology

VURIA™ Creative Technology is a full-service digital media and marketing firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona. VURIA™ has been offering comprehensive web solutions for the past 10 years. The company's custom web solutions are tailored to the needs of each client, which represents a major departure from the traditional, one-size-fits-all mentality of other web design firms. Clients can choose from a wide range of services, such as website design, internet marketing, mobile applications development, live chat solutions, custom CRMs, video production, and graphic design, giving businesses the flexibility to develop a web solutions package that is adapted to their company's unique goals.