VURIA™ Creative Technology has partnered with DP Electric, Inc., a forerunner of industrial power and renewable energy solutions. The partnership has led to the creation of a high-functioning, versatile website that embodies the reliable and credible proficiency DP Electric and provides its customers with top-of-the-line navigation.

“DP Electric is an icon in their industry and a cornerstone of the state’s electrical power,” said Martin Diamond, President of VURIA™ Creative Technology. “Creating an in-depth website is paramount to correctly exhibiting its vast array of services and well-deserved reputation as a leader in their industry.”

VURIA™ tinted the DP Electric Website in striking red and white with a beautiful shot of an Arizona desert in the background. The navigation bar quickly leads visitors to an extensive recounting of their history, services, projects, and safety regulations.

VURIA™ detailed each category with explanations that lay out all of DP Electric’s standards, ethics, and facts in exceptionally comprehensive style. The company culture page captures their workers’ spirit of honesty and integrity when the business was first conceived.

DP Electric, Inc. was created by Daniel J. Puente in his garage over 23 years ago. Since that time it has amassed over 750,000 hours of work, 125 workers, and a client base with 80% repeat business. The company’s professionally coordinated electrical service projects have aided nearly the entire state of Arizona since the very beginning.

“When working with one of the biggest and most important companies in the state, there is no room for cutting corners,” said Diamond. “Partnering with DP Electric pushed our team to develop an all-inclusive website that provides exhaustive information about its services, moral codes, and history.”

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