VURIA™ Creative Technology has partnered with TOMCAR, the leading manufacturers of the military-based terrain vehicle known as the Tomcar. This partnership has allowed for a robust and detailed overhaul of its online presence to create a visually striking and thorough website.

“The Tomcar’s reputation is strength and versatility. Their vehicles are synonymous with militarized operations and durability in the heat of conflict,” said Martin Diamond, President of Scottsdale-based VURIA™ Creative Technology. “Our platform will equip TOMCAR with a website that exemplifies its powerful vehicles and engineering expertise.”

The TOMCAR website created by VURIA™ outlines remarkable photos of Tomcar vehicles in action across the road, both in the desert and near sea, sporting strong shades of green, red, and blue. The Accessories page lists each individual part visually, and the Services page summarizes the care with which Tomcars are designed and the dedication its team has to making repairs as easy as possible. Maintenance videos at the bottom of the Services page provide a do-it-yourself guide for tool-savvy customers.

“This partnership with TOMCAR has led to an outstanding media platform that lets the designs of the Tomcar models speak for themselves,” said Diamond. “We’ve reinforced the strength of the brand while keeping it in tune with the customer profile.”

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