VURIA™ Creative Technology is very pleased to announce that it has completed delivery of the new eLearning suite for Sugar Foods Corporation, a multinational food products company that has been servicing all segments of the food industry market for over 60 years. As part of the platform, VURIA™ delivered 30 instructional videos that will be used for training purposes by Sugar Foods personnel nationwide.

Sugar Foods products can be found in nearly every household and restaurant in America. From Sweet 'n Low to Fresh Gourmet to Chef's Choice brand products, Sugar Foods manufactures and distributes the products Americans enjoy every day. Despite the fact that the food service industry is highly competitive and driven primarily by price decisions, Sugar Foods continues to ship to loyal customers who have been receiving the company's products for over 60 years.

“Sugar Foods is committed to exceeding customer expectations, and it is essential that employees receive exceptional training in order to honor that commitment,” said Martin Diamond, President of Scottsdale, AZ based VURIA™ Creative Technology. “For that reason, it is our goal to provide their employees with critical product information in the most logical, coherent and consistent manner possible,” he added.

In 2010, VURIA brought its entire video production studio in-house, capable of producing first-class HD movies, commercials, product demonstrations, testimonials, and just about any other video project imaginable. “We have a wealth of experience producing and editing quality HD videos for our clients,” said Diamond. “VURIA's video production team draws from our vast toolbox of marketing knowledge to produce quality eLearning materials in a concise and engaging manner.”