Scottsdale, Arizona - VURIA™ Creative Technology announced today the launch of its interactive online editing tool. The new online editor allows clients to modify content, upload images, post to a blog, or edit META tags any time they choose - from anywhere in the world. The robust, fully interactive editing tool gives businesses the capability to make up-to-the-minute content updates to their website in just a few simple steps. The VURIA™ interactive content editor provides clients with the power to update company news, upload images, or edit product descriptions at their convenience. Clients are able to ensure that the content on their site is fresh and relevant, giving them an advantage over their competitors.

VURIA™ Creative Technology is swiftly positioning itself as the leader in automated eBusiness solutions. The company's comprehensive web solutions represent a major departure from traditional design-only web development companies. Its fully customizable eBusiness solutions give companies of all sizes the freedom to develop a web marketing package that works for them. Clients can choose what they need from the many web solutions offered by VURIA™, including website design and development, compelling original content, effective search engine optimization, personalized video production, innovative graphic design and print advertising, and much more. Custom configurations are assured through unique, non-templated designs and a fully interactive online editor, allowing for all changes, modifications, and additions to easily be made from any desktop. VURIA™ gives businesses the flexibility to develop a web solutions package that is tailored to their company's unique online marketing goals.