Scottsdale, AZ- VURIA™ is pleased to announce the launch of the new website for Pioneer Sand. The innovative new website features a vastly improved visual display and a unified products page, complete with detailed descriptions and application ideas.

“As the largest landscaping material supplier for Arizona and Colorado, we wanted to build a website indicative of all that Pioneer Sand has to offer,” said Martin Diamond, President of VURIA™. “The newly-centralized products section will allow customers to search all materials by type and color, thereby greatly improving user experience.”

In an effort to further enhance user experience, VURIA™ created a Materials Calculator, which will help users calculate the exact amount of product needed for a project. “Determining the exact amount of product to purchase can be difficult to gauge,” said Diamond. “With the Materials Calculator, which allows users to input their yard shape, yard dimensions, and material type, we hope to alleviate some of the guesswork normally associated with buying landscape materials.”

Additional website features include an Outdoor Living Concepts section, which allows visitors to view design tips and DIY ideas, and a wish list option, where users can save and print a list of desired items for purchase.

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Pioneer represents a true one-stop customer solution, offering the industry's widest array of hardscape materials for various landscaping purposes. Through 30 retail yards strategically located throughout Colorado and Arizona, Pioneer distributes over 300 hardscape and landscape supplies and products, including approximately 60 types of decorative stone, boulders, sand & gravel, flagstone, pavers, bricks, stone veneer, soil mixtures, mulch and bark chips, railroad ties, patio and decorative wall materials, retaining wall systems and landscaping tools.


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