VURIA™, a leading digital agency based in Scottsdale, AZ, is excited to announce the launch of a comprehensive online marijuana marketing platform for Northsight Capital, which provides information and resources to consumers, distributors, potential patients, and others involved in the medical/legal marijuana industry. The websites launched by VURIA™, which include,,, and, and the WeedDepot mobile application are all aimed at educating consumers on the benefits and legality of cannabis use, enabling users to find providers of various goods and services in the cannabis space.

“Obviously, there’s still a lot of controversy surrounding the use of medical and recreational marijuana, even in states where consumption is legal,” said Martin Diamond, President of VURIA™. “The marijuana industry, although new and rapidly growing, is still fragmented. As we developed these new online communities and resource centers, our team worked through a number of unique challenges that we haven’t faced in developing products for our more traditional business and retail clients.”

To overcome these challenges, the VURIA™ team developed specific features on each website in order to appeal to these broad audiences. Current users find nearby dispensaries, the best deals on products in the area, and learn about and rate cannabis strains. Novice users, or those interested in learning more about marijuana, will find educational materials highlighting the plant’s health benefits and the process of obtaining it legally. The websites also provide detailed information on the often-complex marijuana laws based on the user’s location. In addition to the new websites, VURIA™ also created the WeedDepot mobile app for Android and iOS devices, which promotes connection and discussion among experienced and novice users alike.

“Our client is focused on advocating for responsible use of marijuana and promoting a positive image of the industry, so our team worked hard to give the app and each website a professional, yet engaging, design and easy-to-use interface. We’re also working with the Northsight team to enhance their digital presence and to help them promote a positive image of the industry online,” said Diamond.

Northsight Capital, based in Scottsdale, AZ, has been operating since 2008 and currently owns more than 11,000 domains relating to the medical marijuana and legal cannabis industries. Each of their websites, several of which were developed by VURIA™, advocates for responsible use of the plant and encourages users to adhere to all local laws in order to enhance the image of the growing industry.


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