VURIA™ Creative Technology launches the remarkable new website for Isaac Jewelers, an internationally-recognized jeweler with three locations in Scottsdale. The newly launched website can be viewed at

VURIA's Technology Division built the website with extensive Flash programming that gives life to the more than 100 brands of aesthetically-pleasing fine jewelry and custom watches available at Isaac Jewelers. Keeping the consumer in mind, VURIA's Technology Division also programmed the website so that visitors can efficiently navigate throughout the Web site, easily searching and finding desired products and brands. Additionally, VURIA's Technology Division programmed the So Isaac! company magazine into a striking interactive online magazine, allowing visitors to easily read the publication online.

VURIA's Creative Division designed the website to convey the ultra-chic, upscale lifestyle that Isaac's exclusive clientele represent. The result is a visual feast commensurate with the unique luxury products Isaac has become known for.

"From a branding standpoint, there should be no distinction between a company's storefront and website; the two ought to be treated as equal components in a company's overall marketing strategy," said Martin Diamond, President of Scottsdale-based VURIA™ Creative Technology. "We needed to capture the essence of walking into one of Isaac's world-class boutiques and present that experience online." Diamond added. "We feel that we hit the mark squarely with this outstanding site."

To manage and maintain content for all of the extensive visually-oriented inventory displays contained within the website, VURIA's Technology Division also programmed a custom online editor for Isaac Jewelers' staff to autonomously manage, upload and maintain new content, photos and pages throughout the website. "This is one of the most technical, functional, and cutting-edge site management systems we've ever seen, let alone built," said Diamond.

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About VURIA™ Creative Technology

VURIA™ Creative Technology is a full-service marketing firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona, specializing in building custom websites, search engine optimization, eCommerce, tradeshow exhibits, multi-media marketing, and video production. Since the company's inception in 2000, VURIA™ Creative Technology has designed and launched thousands of websites and marketing campaigns on a local and national level.

About Isaac Jewelers

Isaac Jewelers, founded by Frank Isaac, specializes in luxury jewelry with three locations in Scottsdale at Kierland Commons and the Scottsdale Waterfront. Isaac Jewelers prides itself on its hand-selected, diverse group of knowledgeable and capable staff representing a variety of different cultures and traditions to cater to each and every customer. To learn more about Isaac Jewelers, please visit