VURIA™ Creative Technology is very excited to launch its new iPad app for Allergan, Inc., the pharmaceutical company that manufactures botox. This new patient intake app gives Allergan patients all of the results that paper forms produce with none of their formalities and tedium

VURIA™ collaborated with Allergan to create a program that would modernize the standard paperwork model that patients normally fill out for cosmetic surgery. The new app allows patients to more easily express their complaints and tap on photos of their own faces to identify the areas of concern and the physical shortcomings they wish to have changed. Some of the concerns they can identify are lines, scars, wrinkles, and an uneven skin tone.

An additional screen on the app allows patients to choose spots on the frame of a full body, identifying problems such as cellulite and sagging skin on the abdomen, chest, and anywhere else from a dropdown menu.

Once completed, the app compiles the information and sends it to Allergan, where the analytics are collected and a solution is found, all without a single stroke of pen on paper.

“This new app is interactive and personable, something paperwork is not,” said Martin Diamond, president of VURIA™. “Allergan clients can now easily identify their concerns and provide their doctors with an entirely visual representation of the changes they want to see in their bodies. Our team is proud to be part of it.”

The app logo and theme can be modified and adjusted to fit with the practice using the app, depending on the doctor’s practice. The program also supports whatever languages the patient wants.

The administrator interface lets the doctor, the controller of the app, manage which patients be chosen for which clinic after the necessary information is acquired from the patients who will be participating.

“Allergan’s innovative style has been prevalent from the day they transformed the cosmetic medical field,” said Diamond. “This progression of doctor-patient interaction is a logical and upward move which allows them to better understand their customers’ needs.”

The VURIA™ app for Allergan, Inc., is expected to one day alter the medical field’s way of handling clients and providing solutions to their ailments, allowing for a more efficient and transparent means of communication and the preservation of doctor-patient trust.

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