VURIA's eCommerce solutions allow businesses to sell products and services, manage inventories, provide secure credit card processing, and track and fulfill orders online. Our shopping cart is a robust eCommerce platform that enables customers to locate products in your interactive online catalog, review product specifications and view high resolution product images, and quickly "check out" using our secure payment platform. With VURIA's eCommerce solutions, your customers will be able to create and log in to their personal accounts to view their order status, review past orders, and place new orders. VURIA offers the following eCommerce solutions:

  • Interactive product catalog
  • Shopping cart platform
  • Inventory management
  • Order fulfillment
  • Secure payment processing

Our professional consultants are skilled in evaluating, recommending and implementing complete data and online business solutions for companies of any size. Whether you need to unify or streamline your current corporate database infrastructure, enable your website, or integrate your suppliers, our expertise in eCommerce delivers leading edge solutions for your unique business needs.

For more information on the eCommerce solutions offered by VURIA, contact a sales representative today.